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How to identify refurbished machines?

How to identify refurbished machines?
1, regular new machine packaging and manual exquisite, multi coated paper printing, clear font, outer packing material is also very strong. As the transport protection condition is good, neat packaging is very good, won't appear the crushed situation. And refurbished machines are generally not in the original packaging, many from the underground factory printed into simple, multi sided paper, pattern display is not clear or color bias. The manual will be very simple, and even a direct copy and become, feel rough, packaging is also easy extrusion deformation.
2, mobile phone shell. The new machine casing joint gaps of compact, smooth, no burrs. Refurbished machines generally use the imitation of the original shell, the gap is not smooth, burr, mobile phone shell upper and lower two parts easy to appear is not tightly closed, leaving a gap phenomenon. The differential can be used when the small finger nail try into the upper and lower mobile phone cover seams. If you can insert, is a refurbished machine. To the same grind arenaceous shell surface as the new machine, and small particles of the mobile phone, it is absolutely not to buy. This machine shell paint is sprayed on the JS, for a long time, the paint will come off (the dust on the housing of small particles, spray painting without vacuum environment caused);
3, opened a new building there is a faint smell of sandalwood, if the renovation, JS in general to a beauty of body, appearance despite the smooth but not dry, open cover or remove the battery after the smell rubber, plastic taste, or smell the chemicals;
4, a keyboard and a data line interface. Because of the long-term charger plug, the data line plug's sake, renovation of charging machine interface will be difficult to eliminate the black scratches. Keyboard refurbished machines used in the old machines or modelled keyboard keyboard. This keyboard is common feel relatively soft, no new machine keyboard toughness;
5, charging test. Best long charging time, generally in more than 10 minutes. Because there are many renovation of charging machine for a long time would be turned off. This is a refurbished machine to determine a very efficient way;
6, the SIM card chip contact with the battery contacts. The two contact JS is generally not replacement. If the renovation is, then the SIM card chip contacts will be left clear traces of friction, shiny look, which is caused by too much friction. If the new machine is not used in the chip, then contact the surface should be matte;
7, the fixing screw. Mainly to see the screw and edge portion of the interface have obvious scratches, inner beneath the two pads have no pick mark. If there is evidence, then you have to guard against the machine for retreading machine may.
8, the quality of the call. With a SIM card test machine, call your friends, it is best to fixed telephone, ask the other calls quality how, talking voice is clear, there is no noise, current noise, volume without sudden falling phenomenon;
9, the price. The refurbished machine spare parts for the early products, poor quality, so the price is low. If you encounter a ridiculous low price and the merchants are called parallel phone, we can conclude that is the retreading machine.
10, customer service policy. Now licensed warranty policy will generally be within 7 days to return, 15 days replacement, 1 years of free maintenance, parallel products are generally able to achieve this level. If consumers buy when merchants offer only 3 months or less time warranty, or only for the individual parts warranty of words, is also estimated and refurbished machines not far away.
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