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Samsung mobile phone FAQ?

Samsung mobile phone FAQ?
How do I know what is my mobile phone version of ROM
Answer: mobile phone dialing input: *#1234# can show you mobile phone version of ROM
How to custom ringtones, SMS ringtone, alarm clock ring?
Answer: 3 new folder on the SD card: alarms, alarm;
Ringtones, incoming ringtone;
Notifications, SMS ringtones
And then to set the ringtone deposited in the corresponding folder
How to change the font? [required] mobile phone ROOT
Answer: the Clockopia.ttf system default font DroidSans.ttf the default system font English time
The DroidSans-Bold.ttf system default English bold font!
The DroidSansFallback.ttf system default Chinese font
Ready for you to replace the font changed its name to the corresponding file name is copied to the system/fonts file can be replace reason
How the dollar small desktop components
Answer: press the icon shock after 2-3 seconds can be open free to the dollar small
How to use the large capacity memory in the brain has been installed connecting [drive]
A: enter settings - Application - --USB development debugging tick now connected computers - drop down the notification bar - click the USB connection: select open USB storage devices - waiting to load can be completed 9
How to change your desktop wallpaper
Answer: enter the application -- Gallery - find you want to set as wallpaper pictures -- can be set as wallpaper
Wallpaper support much resolution pictures [full screen]
Answer: the standby mode press the left function key - - - the choice of dynamic wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper - you like wallpaper settings can be
How to replace the 4 Icon under the standby interface.
Answer: click on the application - press the left function key - Edit - hold you want to put in the following software only to the screen to shake and then pull down to
A call to answer the vibration function?
Answer: A, enter the settings - call set - incoming prompting -- appropriated the tick can call before the vibration
How to hide pictures and video etc.
Answer: the establishment of a ".XXX in the SD card"
XXX can be any letters to you to hide things inside can be
How to modify the camera silent
Answer: in the system/media/audio/ui/Shutter_01.ogg Name: Shutter_01.ogg.bak can