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IPhone5 how to identify refurbished machines

IPhone5 how to identify refurbished machines
Apple to sell the iPhone5 for a period of time after the iPhone5 refurbished machine or the so-called officer turning machine. If you have a problem with the iPhone5, you can go to the local authorized customer service point detection, if the hardware is non-human damage problem, you can register the replacement, after a few days to get it back, activate the machine after the discovery of the warranty for a year, and then find the warranty period changed a few days, into the same, with the original that the machine why? Because the switch does not warranty Oh, replacement is done serial number registration, the original machine warranty period will be changed to the new for this machine serial number, over a period of time the warranty period will change because Apple database will not updated, iPhone5 demon machine identification.

IPhone5 machine serial number for what characteristics?
A: sequence number in C7G, C3K, DYJ, DQG at the beginning, which C7G and C3K for the GSM version, after replacement, for the CDMA version of DYJ (Telecommunication Edition) after-sale replacement, DQG for Hongkong area after replacement. And the machine serial number part of the user to sale and change to not these letters or numbers at the beginning, such as C31 and C32 at the beginning of a great feature of these machines are at the beginning of 2012 factory (serial number fourth for H, fifth is basically a digital), personally feel that this part of the machine should belong to the ordinary machine. The production of specialized production after not said above replacement shop, because the beginning of the year is a part of the user to buy the machine is the sequence number of the opening, I think fifteen days for these C31, at the beginning of the C32, more than fifteen days for the C7G that is the

Here, take iPhone4S for example
The product model iPhone 4S 16GB black
Warranty deadline 2013-01-25

In accordance with the above general machine activation time of the algorithm, the activation time of this machine should be in January 26, 2012, if only for the serial number, do not say how this machine here, everyone will think if recently bought it is a private turning machine, but in fact this is a factory in July for aftermarket replacement machine (factory time sequence of No. 4,5, J stands for the second half of 2012, 1 representatives of the first week, the first half of this year, a total of 26 weeks, so J1 represent the twenty-seventh week of 2012 or the first week of 2012 second half of the year: July 1st -7 month 7 days), delivery time in July, "activation time" in January, the question arises: the activation time is earlier than the delivery time. The correct explanation is the warranty deadline minus one year is equal to the activation time of the algorithm in the officer turned up does not apply for official turning machine, the actual activation time is not available, but certainly is in the factory after certain time, so this part of the machine is in July or August activation (Officer turning machine will not have any inventory).

Customer service is the official replacement said turning machine, but it is said that the officer turned machine factory is in line with quality standards, so generally do not have what problem, if it is for customer service, what cannot eat the loss, can be at ease to use. But there is also the seller will sell this type of machine (no matter how come, anyway the country for a problem can change machine, two mobile phone recycling can not only bring private renovation, if a problem can also go to customer service replacement), will be cheaper in general, such as C7G, machine sub C3K beginning around 3700 is more reasonable, I hope when you buy the machine can realize: C7G machine is different from the ordinary machine, which belongs to the customer service to change, quality may not have what problem, but no one year warranty, price than ordinary machine low. Additional recently factory machine serial number with C8 and DX as much, such as C8W, C8P, DX3, DX4, DX5, if C37, C38, C39 these, basically can determine the last year or the first half of this year the machine, should pay special attention to, may be refurbished machines.

Apple iPhone5 sequence number to see how the factory time course:
Fourth represents the year of production,
The fourth is represented by the 20 letter (26 letters in the removal of A, B, E, I, O, U), attention is to carry every half a year, such as the G on behalf of the second half of 2011, H represents the first half of 2012, J stands for the second half of 2012;
Fifth bits represent the production cycle number
Fifth is the use of digital (1-9, removed 0) and letters (26 letters in the removal of A, B, E, I, O, U, S, Z) to said, a total of 27, representing the number of weeks from the beginning of 1, the whole digital mother, every half a year cycle.