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What is refurbished mobile phone?

What is refurbished mobile phone?
Refurbished mobile phone, is actually a collection of movement, the shell or the outer packing the original repair or processing, and then as a new machine is sold. Its many types, is the main:
The 1 circuit board have problems with the old machine, after repair or parts assembly after the re packaged for sale, this kind of machine performance of the most unstable;
2 normal old machine shell after processing or replaced when the new sale;
3 non formal channels of the machine by software refresh, after the re packaging when new to sell, there is a lack of stability of this kind of machine software.
These refurbished machines, have a common characteristic, that is not licensed to enjoy the after sale service and regular.
* here is how to identify refurbished mobile phone experience, everybody have a look.
* see the serial number (IMEI)
Mobile phone like mobile phone serial number, identity cards, each machine of the IMEI number is the only, in general can be to judge whether a machine is authentic.
Discriminant method is as follows: in the mobile phone standby input * 06, a digital mobile phone display is the motherboard serial number, write it down;
Remove the machine battery, see two tabs in the fuselage behind the white label serial number and serial number of that case, another tag is a network license.
Whether and in front of the digital consistent; look at the machine on the box IMEI, comparing the three, look to whether agree.
If the motherboard serial number and chassis serial number is consistent, then the machine is likely after repair or assembly of parts, do not buy.
If the three strings are the same, coupled with a network license it, basically can prove that this machine is genuine, but not one hundred percent sure, because now JS what can be fake,
The motherboard serial number can use computer and software brush writing, fake IMEI label and network access license is a few pieces of money can buy, caution should also be according to the following method to verify.
* see the machine packaging and instructions
Printing regular new machine packaging and manual exquisite, multi coated paper printing, font and image is very clear, there is a sense of hierarchy, and the packing box of fake but for many simple single-sided paper copy,
Fonts and images are very rough, printing illegible, many non formal channels of modified instructions even copy. There are some refurbished machine is used although box and instructions of the original authentic,
But after all, the machine is old, the packing box shall wear, the specification must also exist used traces, the time of purchase to pay attention, can be found in.
* see the network access license
The watermark is really a network license, surface uneven color, is deep and shallow, with thick and thin; and false for copying, surface color does not change.
If you can't see it, can also be used as a detector network license, really there are security patterns and will show a red "CMII" pattern. While the false pattern is blurred.
True network cards are generally used needle type printer, digital clear, look carefully at the needle hit the dent, and false network license is the ordinary printer, digital is not very clear,
No dent. In general, the network license is more difficult to make a fake, fake after all required equipment is relatively high in terms of cost. In addition, you can also access to check the authenticity of network access license,
This is not described in detail.
* see mobile phone shell
Open a new machine will be clearly noticed in the machine "key parts" are film do the key protection, such as the inner and outer, camera and so on, as long as these areas of contact,
It will leave fingerprints. When you see the new machine fingerprint, let JS explain how you don't listen to. In addition, dust off and use trace is refurbished machine also hard to avoid,
The machine shell and the lower shell between the gap, gap around the keyboard, and the place such as charger slots are easy to "evil" place, shaft at the flip machine will leave traces of use,
Also pay special attention to.
* refurbished machine generally adopts a shell is imitation of the original, or the old housing carefully processing and become, so the machine shell before and after the two parts are easy to appear is not tightly closed, keeping the seam great situation,
Differential method is to use fingernails can try to insert the phone down cover seams, if it can be inserted in the shell is assembled. For not replacing shell machine,
JS sold before using a like cleaner fog agent spraying, the surface of old shell immediately appear a like new machines like frosted effect, if not carefully check, will be JS away,
But in not the long time, the chassis of the paint will fall, when buying, must carefully observe the shell, because the JS process is again good, also do not have the original factory advanced equipment,
If you look closely at the words to be able to see a bit of small particles, dust, paint did not work because in the vacuum room cause.
* if it is combined with the office renovates machine can also check the flip, because some of the time, even if JS take the machine surface treatment is good, these places also inevitably leave some traces of dust.
In addition to check whether the new body screw, there is no screwdriver screwing over traces. What should be noted is that many new mobile phones have a distinct smell of sandalwood,
While the old machine and moult machine in general are not the kind of taste, or smell to leave when processing.
* see mobile phone accessories
There is a full set of original parts in new machine manufacturers formal, must have at least one electric charge. Refurbished mobile phone accessories in general are not complete or not the original factory,
Purchase the best before the first to the relevant